Hip-Hop / R&B / Rap


  • From: Atlanta, GA
  • Related Artists: Kehlani, Lyfe Harris, Bryson Tiller

Elhae, the stage name for North Dakota-native Jamaal Jones, stands for "Every Life Has An Ending" (ELHAE). According to the R&B crooner his name represents his philosophy that we only live once, so while we're here, it's best to live as ourselves. With a philosophy like that it's no surprise that his songs are both simultaneously tender and sensual while being a little bit cheeky and edgy. A lot of Elhae's early experiences with music stem from participating in his church choir alongside his mother. Elhae quickly went from performing choir solo's and learning to play piano, to composing his own songs, which eventually spawned into his current sound.


Elhae : All Have Fallen
  • Latest Album:
    All Have Fallen
  • Release Date:
    March 11, 2016

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