Hip-Hop / Rap


  • From: Alpharetta, GA
  • Related Artists: Chance the Rapper, Jared Evan, Skizzy Mars

Russ is a 24-year old rapper and producer from about 20 miles outside of Atlanta. After growing up all around the country he began to produce beats and eventually started to rap over them. Not satisfied with just that, Russ soon taught himself how to play the guitar, drums and the piano. His music bites with clean bars and smooth, raw vocals. After dropping out of Kennesaw State, Russ created his crew Diemon. Almost completely self-sustained, the Diemon crew produce and shoot their own music videos, record their own music and press their own merch. Russ has spent the last year releasing single after single, with each routinely earning over one million streams.


Russ : Silence
  • Latest Album:
  • Release Date:
    June 11, 2014

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