R&B / Singer-Songwriter


  • From: Los Angeles, CA
  • Related Artists: The Weeknd, Fiona Apple, Lauryn Hill

Amidst the growing crop of artists wielding that sultry, powered by synths and R&B musicianship, a woman named BANKS stands apart, occupying an island of her own fearlessness. With a voice that cuts like glass, Los Angeles-bred Jillian Banks is poised to take over the world armed with her powerfully introspective songwriting and melodies that linger like the sheen atop freshly laid gravel. After opening for The Weeknd on tour in 2013, Banks drew rave reviews from festival crowds the world over, setting the stage for her long-awaited debut album, Goddess, which is set to release September 9, 2014.


BANKS : Goddess
  • Latest Album:
  • Release Date:
    September 9, 2014

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