Alternative / Pop


  • From: Montreal, Canada
  • Related Artists: For Esmé, Hot As Sun, LP

The dream pop trio gives listeners a new perspective on what it means to craft multi-layered alternative music. Fronted by Michelle Bensimon, and joined by Isabelle Banos and Lana Cooney, the trio celebrates themes of fearlessness, self-sufficiency, the extraordinary, and the untamable in their music. An amalgamation of themes that translate to a dream-like sonic experience.

Their first release, 2015's self-titled, Caveboy, introduced the world at large to the magic that is Caveboy. An introduction that the band has continued to deliver on till this day, through a string of continuously pleasing singles. The trio recently performed at the Junos gala and are coming hot off a spellbinding performance at CBC festival.


Caveboy : Landslide - Single
  • Latest Album:
    Landslide - Single
  • Release Date:
    March 2, 2018

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