Harrison Brome

Harrison Brome

Electronic / R&B

Harrison Brome

  • From: Vancouver, Canada
  • Related Artists: James Blake, SOHN, Sampha

At the age of 19, Harrison Brome is the newest force making waves in the darker side of the bedroom pop and R&B scene. Born and raised in the gorgeous gloom of Vancouver, British Columbia, Brome has capsuled the pulse of his city, filtering it out in the form of sensual, sharp and somber songs. After the release of his self-produced debut EP, Fill Your Brains, critics categorize Brome as James Blake-meets-The Weeknd, and have also compared him to crooners like Jai Paul and Mayer Hawthorne. His 2017 releases, "Body High," "Fall Together," and "Jaded" have all reached the top of digital charts, and the young artist spent the spring and summer touring North America and Europe.


Harrison Brome : Fill Your Brains
  • Latest Album:
    Fill Your Brains
  • Release Date:
    July 15, 2016

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