Witt Lowry

Witt Lowry

Hip-Hop / Rap

Witt Lowry

  • From: Connecticut
  • Related Artists: Eminem, Hoodie Allen, G-Eazy

From majoring in graphic design to spitting some of the most powerful bars in the rap scene, Witt Lowry has certainly established himself as a rap artist quick on the rise. Born Mark Laurence Richard, Jr., he found his true passion after earning his degree in graphic design and adopting the stage name Witt Lowry - an amalgamation of his middle name and the word witty. So, it is no surprise that Witt Lowry's style of flow is exactly that. Quick-witted with manic and harsh delivery, Witt Lowry's early releases were reminiscent of the crass style of rap giant Eminem. However, at the heart of his music, the message is clearly hopeful despite tackling a range of difficult and personal topics. With the flow of Eminem and empowering messages akin to Macklemore, it is clear why Witt Lowry has become such an immediate fan favorite, amassing over 40-million spins on Spotify.

Witt Lowry is set to return with what is sure to be a monumental sophomore release, I Could Not Plan This, along with a tour supporting the album that we at Ones To Watch are beyond proud to present.


Witt Lowry : Blood in the Water - Single
  • Latest Album:
    Blood in the Water - Single
  • Release Date:
    July 31, 2017

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