Allan Rayman

Allan Rayman

Alternative / R&B / Soul

Allan Rayman

  • From: Lost Springs, WY
  • Related Artists: JMSN, Khalid, Bibi Bourelly

Allan Rayman is a consummate story-teller. Through his compelling perspective, the Toronto R&B artist writes his tale of love, and of death. His sound and visual aesthetics are a product of his emotional struggle. With every release, Allan presents a new chapter of his story for his audience to experience. He is an all-encompassing artist, connecting film, fashion and music through a unique narrative. All elements are directed, designed and written by Allan himself.

The genre-bending artist has four albums under his belt, with his latest full-length project, Harry Hard-On, released in 2018. The nine-song collection shows Rayman's experimental approach to the world of guitar-driven rock. The hypnotic R&B and blues undertones that have largely come to define Rayman largely remain, but they are trained on a musical project that one would expect from the likes of Interpol or The Kills.

Rayman released his first single of 2019 with "Poison." With twangy guitars, heavy beats, and raw vocals; the track proves that he is here to stay.


Allan Rayman : Harry Hard-On
  • Latest Album:
    Harry Hard-On
  • Release Date:
    November 16, 2018

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