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  • From: Dublin, Ireland
  • Related Artists: XYLO, Anabel Jones, Ben Khan

20-year-old vocalist, producer, multi-instrumentalist artist EDEN, from Dublin, Ireland, never truly followed the typical music path. Classically trained from a young age, it wasn’t until he began learning new instruments on his own that he discovered his passion for songwriting. Frustrated with the lack of creative control in band and orchestral groups, EDEN began to hone his production talents at the age of 16. From the bedroom of his childhood home he began to cultivate a large online following, and establish in his own mind the vision for EDEN’s future.

Utilizing a “less-is-more” approach, EDEN emphasizes a blend of organic and synthesized instruments to create a unique and visceral sound. He seamlessly blends elements of influences that range from Queen and Skrillex to Kendrick Lamar and Hans Zimmer. EDEN released his much anticipated debut album vertigo in January of 2018, which has received impressive reviews as a significant step forward for the Irish producer.


Eden : vertigo
  • Latest Album:
  • Release Date:
    January 19, 2018

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