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  • From: Los Angeles, CA
  • Related Artists: The 1975, Oh Wonder, Great Good Fine Ok

LANY (comprised of Paul Klein, Les Priest and Jake Goss) happened organically. It began as a group of friends hanging out in a bedroom playing around with a dell computer and keyboard, who very quickly realized that there was something special between them.

They came together in the Spring 2014 after Klein had recently moved to LA and collaborated with his old college friends on some ideas. Within days they'd written and recorded two songs and decided to upload them online. An A&R frenzy ensued and soon after they added the blissful "ILYSB" to their arsenal. The song's mix of emotional directness and universal embrace, both in its lyrics and its melody, connected in a huge way when they put it online resulting in ten million plays on Spotify to date.

This has all happened by the band doing it their own way. Everything has been recorded and produced by LANY themselves in their own apartment. "We'll record things using a $2 app if that's what's to hand. That's how we roll," says Klein. They realize what's important is the song and the chemistry, and they have both in spades. "As long as it's us three in that room, the music's gonna stay that way. It's where the magic happens." LANY has conjured up some of the year's most exhilarating alternative-pop songs, and their Malibu Nights album is absolutely breathtaking.


LANY : Malibu Nights
  • Latest Album:
    Malibu Nights
  • Release Date:
    October 5, 2018

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