Alternative / Electro-Pop / Pop


  • From: Los Angeles, CA
  • Related Artists: FLETCHER, Charlotte Lawrence, Selena Gomez

At the age of 18, Paige Duddy was collaborating with her older brother Chase releasing music as an indie-pop duo known as XYLØ. In 2016, the siblings released their debut EP America, performed on national tours and earned a platinum plaque for their collaboration with The Chainsmokers on the song, “Setting Fires.” A year later, the duo mutually decided to part ways leaving Paige ready to still perform under the name XYLØ.

XYLØ spent a year honing in on her new sound and identity as a solo artist. She released a handful of electro-pop singles bursting with catchy beats. Finally in March of 2019, XYLØ dropped her first EP pretty sad, which details her transition into adulthood and growth as a musician.


XYLØ : Pretty Sad - EP
  • Latest Album:
    Pretty Sad - EP
  • Release Date:
    March 1, 2019

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