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  • From: Doncaster, England
  • Related Artists: Twenty One Pilots, The Arctic Monkeys, Panic! at the Disco

Born in Yorkshire, Harrison partly credits his razor-sharp lyricism to his lifelong love of literary-minded songwriters like Bruce Springsteen and Chris Difford from Squeeze. After picking up a guitar at age two, he began writing his own songs at age 10 and moved to London to kick-start his music career when he was just 16. Once he’d refined his musical vision—with the help of his rediscovery of firebrand artists like The Clash, Arctic Monkeys, and N.W.A—he independently released his debut single “King Charles” in spring 2017, and landed his deal with Geffen Records by that summer’s end.

Yungblud isn’t one to hold back when speaking about the state of the world. “The people in charge right now don’t have a fucking clue,” he says. “They’re stuck living in these old ideologies, when really the world should be moving toward a future that’s about freedom for everybody.” In creating his full-length debut 21st Century Liability, Yungblud channeled his outrage into songs both confrontational and catchy as hell, steeped in punk fury and pop melodicism. But while the album takes on everything from consent to white supremacy to the NRA, Harrison’s main mission is to empower and uplift rather than divide.

Made with producers like Matt Schwartz (Kylie Minogue, Massive Attack), Martin Terefe (Coldplay, Shawn Mendes) and Dave Katz “Sluggo” (Good Charlotte, Gym Class Heroes, Katy Perry), 21st Century Liability packs a guitar-heavy but rhythm-driven sound equally shaped by rock-and-roll and hip-hop—two genres Harrison perceives as “sharing the same soul,” given their raw passion and rebel spirit. In fusing the two genres, Harrison and his collaborators brought an element of boundary-blurring experimentation to the production process—say, for example, reconstructing a grunge-reminiscent drum loop with elements of trap percussion. The result: an album that’s sonically volatile yet immediately infectious.


YUNGBLUD : 21st Century Liability
  • Latest Album:
    21st Century Liability
  • Release Date:
    July 6, 2018

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