Allie X

Allie X

Electro-Pop / Pop

Allie X

  • From: Oakville, Canada
  • Related Artists: Lady Gaga, Charli XCX, The Knife

Alexandra Ashley Hughes, better known by her stage name Allie X, grew up with a fascination for classical piano, opera, and musical theatre. In 2014, Allie X would infuse these fascinations with pop to release her first single "Catch" to much acclaim from Time magazine and Katy Perry who called it her spring jam. Following up on the praise of "Catch," Allie X released her debut EP CollXtion I in 2015 followed by her sophomore EP CollXtion II in 2017. Her latest release, Super Sunset, is another pop masterpiece that has received high acclaim. The three EPs not only include a number of infectious pop songs with indelible hooks, but redefined what the limits of what a pop EP can be. Influenced by her theatrical and artist personality, the three EPs are the first of a collection of five that are all intended to be unique multimedia experiences allowing for greater fan interaction. From her highly infectious pop songs to her theatrical experimentation with music as a higher art form, Allie X is one to watch for in the future.


Allie X : Super Sunset (Analog)
  • Latest Album:
    Super Sunset (Analog)
  • Release Date:
    January 1, 2019

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