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  • From: Lancashire, England
  • Related Artists: SOHN, Jaymes Young, HONNE

Ben Fletcher and Tom Higham – the gifted musical minds behind the spellbinding atmospheric pop of Aquilo are pleased to release their debut album Silhouettes.

Aquilo – who first introduced themselves back in 2014 with their inimitable and beautiful cinematic sound – have spent the last two years going from strength to strength. A handful of widely acclaimed EPs have seen them garner an impressive and dedicated following both with fans, and also in the Film and TV world. The past couple of years have seen a range of Aquilo’s songs included in TV ads, film trailers and major TV shows including Vampire Diaries, Grey's Anatomy, Pretty Little Liars and more. Their EPs alone have already racked up over 50 million streams on Spotify.

Silhouettes is the culmination of this journey; a collection of emotive and intimate songs that depict the life experiences they’ve gathered along the way. The heart-wrenching lyrics and stirring vocals of both Tom and Ben compliment each other perfectly throughout the record, aurally wrapping you up in perfect hygge magic.

The duo grew up living directly across the road from each other in the small picturesque village of Silverdale, but, ironically, due to being in different school years never really got to know each other until one discovered the others music on Soundcloud. The music they now create together is essentially musical incarnations of the incredible scenery that has surrounded them all their lives, with undertones of the music that has influenced them both growing up.

There was an instant connection musically when Ben and Tom first started in the studio together, having both been in separate bands before, which, over time has evolved into the creation of one of the most impactful and impressive debut British albums in years – Silhouettes. It’s clear to hear, was mainly written and recorded up in The Lakes, thus providing the perfect backdrop for their sonic storytelling.


  • Latest Album:
  • Release Date:
    May 4, 2018

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