Indie-Pop / Pop / Singer-Songwriter


  • From: San Jose, California
  • Related Artists: Lauv, Hailee Steinfeld, Julia Michaels

Ashe, born Ashlyn Wilson, has been lighting up the indie pop music scene since she released her first single "Used to It" in 2017. Ashe's deeply personal lyrics paired with stunning production are a true testament to her degree in Contemporary Writing and Production from Berklee College of Music. Racking up millions of streams, Ashe's quirky approach to pop brings listeners to another dimension, where one can get lost in her smooth vocals and exquisite melodies. People are quickly falling down "The Rabbit Hole" for pop princess Ashe.


Ashe : The Rabbit Hole
  • Latest Album:
    The Rabbit Hole
  • Release Date:
    June 22, 2018

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