Hip-Hop / Pop / Rap


  • From: San Marcos, TX
  • Related Artists: Vince Staples, Jaden Smith, Tyler The Creator

Versatile “All-American Boyband” BROCKHAMPTON is bulldozing their way up the hip-hop charts, doing everything in their power to ensure their story is impossible to overlook. Between June and December of 2017, the group released a trio of albums, appropriately titled SATURATION I, SATURATION II, and SATURATION III, reflecting their relentless release strategy. Their brash, unapologetic personality shines through on hard-hitting songs such as “STAR” and “BOOGIE,” while tender cuts such as “SUMMER” and “WASTE” push the boundaries of hip-hop with dreamlike guitars and emotional, heartfelt lyrics. Many of their songs double as confessionals; group member Merlyn Woods opens his verse on “MILK” with the straightforward line “Hi, my name is Merlyn / I just applied for food stamps.” BROCKHAMPTON has endured struggles and hurdled roadblocks as one of today’s most LGBT-forward groups in rap, but they’ve already proven themselves as an unstoppable force that’s poised to truly become a household name in 2018.


  • Latest Album:
  • Release Date:
    August 20, 2019

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