Chris LaRocca

Chris LaRocca

R&B / Soul

Chris LaRocca

  • From: Woodbridge, Canada
  • Related Artists: Frank Ocean, Miguel, Jeremih

Chris LaRocca is a vocalist and producer from Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada making music that is ambitious, accessible and unpretentious.

Chris started producing in 2014 after years in Toronto’s DIY scene as part of math rock/indie band Elos Arma. Self-taught as a musician and gifted with a soaring natural falsetto, he began by working on a combination of synths and drum machines running into one another, and no computer. After releasing a trio of humor-tinted EPs under the moniker SEXTAPE, he dove deeper into the world of production and began to connect his vision for expansive pop music made with real emotion and a focus on quality and attention to detail.

It took more than a year to create a batch of new music, assembled by Chris during a time where he worked 12-hour days at three jobs - tutoring, serving at an old age home and as in-home support for an elderly woman - to fund the project. Chris self-released his first single, “Closer,” in February of 2017. The song was championed by Zane Lowe and the FADER, who lauded the track as “epic,” yet deeply personal. His debut EP, Voila, followed that summer, including standout tracks “Roses” and the Xavier Omar remixed “Wild.” The EP was also supported by Nylon, Noisey, Complex. Earmilk and many more.

In 2019 Chris returns with his second EP, Saudade. “Saudade" is an untranslatable word that exists only in the Portuguese language, describing a melancholic nostalgia or longing for a moment or event that never occurred. A vague and constant desire for something that does not and most likely cannot exist.

“This is a feeling that is not only very familiar to me, but a feeling that heavily inspired this body of work,” Chris said of the forthcoming project. “Up until coming across this term, I had been at a loss for words trying to describe this emotion and where my head was while writing these songs.”


Chris LaRocca : Saudade (EP)
  • Latest Album:
    Saudade (EP)
  • Release Date:
    April 2, 2019

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