Indie / Indie-Pop / Pop / Singer-Songwriter


  • From: Boston, MA
  • Related Artists: Cosmo Pyke, Cuco, Gus Dapperton

Clairo is one of the brightest newcomers to enter the realm of "bedroom pop," with an easygoing, genuine personality to match the music. She first began to garner significant attention with her song "Pretty Girl," which was released in 2017 and currently sits at over 11 million Spotify streams. On the song, Clairo makes good use of the simple, plain production to paint a vivid yet minimalist picture, with lyrics that are relatable in times of heartache.

Born in Boston, Clairo has become an internet star on YouTube, regularly posting videos of herself singing to the website. She began making music years earlier at the age of 13, recording into her phone's voicemail app and teaching herself to play guitar through internet tutorials. Her debut EP diary 001 was released in late May 2018, featuring her new single "4EVER" as well as her 2017 standout "Flamin Hot Cheetos." Her stellar new album, Immunity was released in 2019 and she's been soaking in every moment since.


Clairo : Immunity
  • Latest Album:
  • Release Date:
    August 2, 2019

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