Folk / Indie / R&B


  • From: Baltimore, MD
  • Related Artists: Rex Orange County, Bruno Major, Frank Ocean

Dijon Duenas, better known by his stage name, Dijon, is no stranger to the world of R&B. With a childhood spent in-between Germany and the United States, Dijon found himself dabbling in the world of beats. But it wasn’t until his time at the University of Maryland, where he joined forces with school mate, Abhi Raju, that he fully immersed himself into it. The duo, known by the name Abhi // Dijon went on to release several EPs, one of which was critically acclaimed Montana. It was Dijon’s relocation to the West Coast that shifted the direction he wanted his music to go in and the two parted ways naturally.

With six solo singles under his belt, including “Wild” and “Nico’s Red Truck,” the Los Angeles-based artist brings a soulful twist to the R&B world. Seasoned with folk influence, poetic lyrics and warm vocals, Dijon is quickly garnering attention.

With a debut EP in the works, we can only anticipate what’s to come from the musical savant.


Dijon : Sci Fi 1
  • Latest Album:
    Sci Fi 1
  • Release Date:
    March 1, 2019

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