Donna Missal

Donna Missal

Indie / Pop / R&B

Donna Missal

  • From: New Jersey
  • Related Artists: Lana Del Rey, Alabama Shakes, Ariana Grande

Donna Missal is fiery. Her music is heavy with themes of heartbreak, betrayal and deception, all of which are tied together with the laidback R&B groove of her tracks. The New Jersey native has breathtaking vocal control and delivery, oscillating between gentle licks and all-engulfing belts. Though her lyrics are catchy, her instrumentation is noteworthy, and her stage presence is magnetic, the flame that just can't be put out within Missal is undeniably sourced from her timeless voice.

Though she currently only has a few releases to her name, the versatile power of her artistry comes across within seconds of listening to any of her songs. She first turned heads with her debut single, "Keep Lying," which shot to #1 on Hype Machine and put her on the industry radar. Her debut album, This Time, is a precious collection of Missal's raw talent, all delivered with intense emotional urgency. In an oversaturated market of buzzy up-and-comers, Donna Missal can be heard loud and clear.


Donna Missal : This Time
  • Latest Album:
    This Time
  • Release Date:
    September 7, 2018

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