Easy Life

Easy Life

Hip-Hop / Indie-Pop / Jazz

Easy Life

  • From: Leicester, England
  • Related Artists: Rex Orange County, Col3trane, JAWS

“I’m trying to unlock doors with these musical keys,” sing Leicester innovators Easy Life on “Pockets,” from their recent mixtape Creature Habits. The line, rapped atop a summer haze of hip-hop claps and jazzy guitar jangles, could be their manifesto: a nod to the eclectic, electric, genre-hopping spirit that drives them. How many other new UK acts--least of all from “rainy middle England”--do you know whose sound joins the dots between the optimistic gospel-rap of Chance The Rapper, scattergun storytelling of Arctic Monkeys, electronic invention of Glass Animals and velvety vibes of vintage Dilla? Exactly.

Beneath the musical bravado, then, things clearly haven’t come easily for Easy Life--which is precisely the point. Effortlessly confident debut single “Pockets” in fact documents that terrible sinking feeling of releasing you can’t afford to pay this month’s rent, whilst also chronicling those vain attempts to find happiness via other vices. Elsewhere, Creature Habits opener “0250” was inspired by blasting BBC radio staple The Shipping Forecast loudly in a Renault Clio on the way to sell jacket potatoes at Loughborough Market, while “Slow Motion” is a soulful acoustic guitar-led homily about taking nothing for granted in life (which also features a shout-out to Murray’s gran).

What’s emerged--albeit by accident--is a band (and manifesto) for the five-piece to truly stand behind. “Easy Life is a form of escapism,” says Murray.“Living is proving to be increasingly difficult with all the pressures that modern life brings, and easy life rejects this materialistic philosophy; easy life is a hedonistic vision. When we coined the name there was a lot less thinking involved, but it feels like we have embodied the name over time rather than setting out from day one knowing exactly what it is we were looking for.”

It’s already been quite the journey since then. Easy Life have gone from menial jobs--ranging from farm life to stocking shelves in TK Maxx--to landing millions of streams and a packed-out year of shows and recording ahead. A love of Leicester (and of course its football club) remains at the heart of what they do, as does the candid, occasionally tongue-in-cheek but always honest attitude which underpins their songwriting. But Easy Life also appear the type of ambitious young band who will grab with both hands the surprise break they’ve grafted for. Their ultimate vision--much like the producers and rappers they grew up admiring--is to explore more than just music, with the launch of ‘Easy Co.’ (a burgeoning collective under which the boys will explore a variety of projects) already in the works. “We just want to be able to keep doing what we’re doing and release more music that we’re really excited by,” says Murray. “And we’ll see what happens from there.”


Easy Life : Junkfood
  • Latest Album:
  • Release Date:
    January 10, 2020

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