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  • From: Hood River, OR
  • Related Artists: LANY, joan, COIN

Growing up in the tiny town of Hood River, Zach Grace, Dylan Bauld, and McKinley Kitts first created music together as teenagers. Once they brought Kyle Hill into the fold and began making their name as a captivating live act, the band pushed forward in their career by relocating to L.A. Taking on the name flor—a word that translates to flower in Portuguese—the band soon landed a deal with Fueled by Ramen, who released their debut EP Sounds in February 2016.

With their nuanced songwriting and inventive sensibilities, flor use their songs to explore feelings of longing and heartache, anxiety and self-doubt. On their debut album come out. you’re hiding, singer/guitarist Grace, bassist Bauld, guitarist Kitts, and drummer Hill alternately magnify and brighten those feelings by dreaming up an intensely cinematic take on synth-driven alt-pop. But for all its transportive melodies and triumphant mood, come out, you’re hiding was born from a place of painful vulnerability.


flor : ley lines
  • Latest Album:
    ley lines
  • Release Date:
    September 6, 2019

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