Francesco Yates

Francesco Yates

Funk / Pop / Soul

Francesco Yates

  • From: Toronto, Canada
  • Related Artists: Justin Timberlake, Robin Thicke, John Legend

Armed with an armada of bright, zesty and funky R&B-coated pop melodies designed to get your body gyrating, Yates has been steadfastly perfecting his craft within the confines of his Scarborough home studio. Leaning on the production talents of those who worked on his Better Be Loved EP – namely Grammy-winner Pharrell Williams or Robin Hannibal (Rhye, Kendrick Lamar) – the 22-year-old has decided to trust his instincts, as evidenced by his latest release, “Do You Think About Me.” Fans will hear the full results when his debut full-length album drops at the end of summer 2018.


Francesco Yates : Do You Think About Me (Single)
  • Latest Album:
    Do You Think About Me (Single)
  • Release Date:
    April 6, 2018

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