G Flip

G Flip

Indie / Pop

G Flip

  • From: Melbourne, Australia
  • Related Artists: Bülow, Lauv, Billie Eilish, Dua Lipa

G Flip is a singer, songwriter, producer, multi-instrumentalist. Growing up in Melbourne, her high school drum teacher, Jenny Rose Morris, was her biggest inspiration and influence. Morris passed away from cancer at the age of 31 and left the G flip as a legacy, showing the world that it is empowering to be a young queer female. Since the passing of Jenny, Georgia Flipo (G Flip) chased her dreams of becoming a musician by being a touring drummer with in the United States during the summer as she was finishing up school.

G Flip has been a refreshing surprise for 2018. Cannot wait to see what else she is willing to show us.


G Flip : About Us
  • Latest Album:
    About Us
  • Release Date:
    August 30, 2019

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