Downtempo / Electronic


  • From: Fredericia, Denmark
  • Related Artists: Flume, SG Lewis, Flight Facilities

"Galimatias (Matias Køedt), now residing in Los Angeles, is an artist originally from a town too small to locate on a map, in rural Denmark. Galimatias uses sound as a means of designing a space, a moment, or an attitude. In 2015 he released his debut EP Urban Flora in collaboration with singer Alina Baraz, which was a seamless exploration of the relationship between electronic music and R&B. This first “iteration” of his music integrated Baraz’s soulful vocals with heavy drumbeats dipped in intriguing sound design. To date, Urban Flora has recorded over 163MM streams on Spotify, with 2MM monthly listeners still, while the single "Fantasy" has earned an RIAA gold certificate. With the vigorous lifespan of the Urban Flora EP, Galimatias intends to further redefine electronic music in 2017, with a design-first approach. His new explorations marry his signature electronic sound with his love for hip-hop and R&B, genres that he credits for expanding his creative horizons from an early age.

Finding a new and fresh, yet similar sound, 2017 has so far seen the release of two new singles including "Blowback" which has struck a resonant chord as it, among other accolades, found itself at #1 on the Hype Machine charts. With more music and video releases forthcoming, 2017 promises to be an exciting time for this rapidly flourishing young artist."


Galimatias : Urban Flora EP
  • Latest Album:
    Urban Flora EP
  • Release Date:
    May 19, 2015

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