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  • From: London, England
  • Related Artists: Chet Faker, Coldplay, Josef Salvat

The word HONNE ("本音"), which translates into the idea of true feelings and desires in Japanese, couldn't be a more accurate depiction of the British's duo's sound. After they came together in 2014, James Hatch (producer) and Andy Clutterbuck (producer/singer) radiated those deep-rooted feelings in the form of soulful electronic songs, initially hitting our radar with their first two EPs, Warm On A Cold Night and As they continued releasing quality tracks over the next two years, HONNE also launched their own imprint, Tatemae Recordings, bringing the whole story full circle as tatemae ("建前") is the Japanese converse of honne, referring to the behavior one displays in public. In summer 2016, they released the full Warm On A Cold Night album on Tatemae Recordings.

The duo's latest album, Love Me/ Love Me Not, was released August 24, 2018, and expands on their musical intimacy, taking their production quality to the next level. HONNE specializes in an ambient funk feel with pure vocals and we can't wait for more.


HONNE : Love Me / Love Me Not
  • Latest Album:
    Love Me / Love Me Not
  • Release Date:
    August 24, 2018

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