Jordan Rakei

Jordan Rakei

Jazz / Pop / Soul

Jordan Rakei

  • From: Brisbane, Australia
  • Related Artists: Tom Misch, Moses Sumney, D'Angelo

Rooted in soul with hints of jazz and hip-hop, alt-R&B artist Jordan Rakei has a timeless sound that transcends age and era. Originally born in New Zealand, Rakei’s family moved to Brisbane when he was three years old. His parents often played American soul music around the house, which led him eventually to learning how to play the piano and make his own music. At the age of 18, Jordan self-released his debut EP, Franklin’s Room, in 2013 on Bandcamp. He quickly outgrew his humble beginnings, and after the success of his second EP, Groove Curse, Rakei moved to London in order to continue growing and developing his artistry. He eventually attracted attention from various UK artists like Tom Misch and Disclosure, and was featured on Disclosure’s Caracal in “Masterpiece.”

But with the move to a much smaller but more densely populated city, Rakei had to deal with both introversion and anxiety that came with the London hustle and continuously meeting new people for an entire year. He strove to improve himself as both a person and an artist, and it was the overcoming of these emotions and experiences that influenced his newest EP, Wallflower. Because he believes music is influenced by experiences, after moving to London, Rakei's new EP is slightly darker in comparison to his older music as reflective of the colder, bustling city. As is characteristic of his music, the EP is incredibly open and honest. Rakei is comfortable with expressing his thoughts and feelings, never second-guessing his lyrics, but letting the words flow naturally during his songwriting process.


Jordan Rakei : Wallflower
  • Latest Album:
  • Release Date:
    September 22, 2017

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