Pop / R&B / Singer-Songwriter


  • From: Montreal, QC
  • Related Artists: Lana Del Rey, Banks, Lorde

laye is a unique new artist with a striking vocal style, prolific songwriting ability and a dark dreamy aesthetic that informs everything from her album art to her social media feeds. Born in Montreal, she always had a passion for art. In her teens, she wrote poetry and dabbled with singing and performance.

“I’ve always been a quiet person. Singing allowed me to not only discover who I am but also express it.” says laye of her transition to becoming an artist. “As I became more comfortable performing I realized I preferred singing my own songs rather than the words of someone else. I was more drawn to expressing myself through my own words.”

As an artist, laye is never complacent, always inspired. While she’s focused on establishing herself as a singer/songwriter, she considers her overall aesthetic to be equally important when it comes to her artistic identity. She is inspired by art—from photography to painting, to interior design and architecture— and just as she draws upon her life experiences for her song lyrics, she incorporates these artistic references into everything she does. For laye, emotions are at the heart of her creative inspiration: “I believe that the emotion behind a song is equally as important as the lyric. Often times I have connected songs to moments based on the feeling alone.”

It’s only been about three years since laye first started to experiment with making her own music, but she is already carving out a unique artistic path. “With every new experience comes new inspiration,” laye says of that exciting road ahead. “I’m always grateful to be put in new situations and have opportunities to grow because learning and evolving are important to me as an artist. The last year has been such a period of growth. I’m looking forward to sharing my creations with the world.”


laye : milk n honey
  • Latest Album:
    milk n honey
  • Release Date:
    August 17, 2018

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