Electro-Pop / Electronic / R&B


  • From: London, Canada
  • Related Artists: Billie Eilish, Nick Murphy, BANKS

Blending R&B, electronic, punk rock and folk — she’s become a unique force hailing from London, Ontario. Her debut project, hold A. hold A is a 12-song project, currently being released in 3 acts. Each act representing a post-break up stage: heartbreak, anger, and acceptance. Triggered by the memory of love and loss, her prolific on-stage, off-stage presence is no front. She relies on her truths to convoke her art. Ambiguous as seen on social media — the lyricist has captivated fans from various genres through the blurring of musical forms. Currently residing in Toronto, lemin. is working on her upcoming album.


lemin. : Hold A: Act 2
  • Latest Album:
    Hold A: Act 2
  • Release Date:
    September 21, 2018

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