Indie-Pop / Pop / Soul


  • From: Stockholm, Sweden
  • Related Artists: Broods, Phoebe Ryan, MØ

LÉON is an indie-pop artist from Stockholm, Sweden. Her music embodies catchy pop tunes with cool Swedish melancholy. Raised around music - her mother a seasoned cellist in the symphony and father a conductor/composer - LÉON first began to carve out her musical career at a young age. By 17, she became front-woman for a ten piece hip-hop/soul band, which helped develop her live performance skills. At age 21, she decided to venture out on her own musical journey after meeting Swedish producer Agrin Rahmani. She signed with Columbia Records and released her debut EP "Treasures" on iTunes in December 2015. The hit song "Tired of Talking" has had over 35 million clicks on Spotify up to date, and has been remixed with features from G-Eazy and Young Bombs.

Her second EP was delivered in March 2017, soon followed by a third in October. Surround Me is filled with gritty, full vocals and ballad filled piano melodies. Now in 2019, LÉON has released her debut self-titled album, which proves that LÉON really does have a special gift for emotive songwriting and she does not withhold her talents from us the slightest bit. LÉON is the epitome of indie-pop, with catchy melodies and touching lyricism galore, and her elegant style is truly one-of-a-kind in today’s pop scene.


  • Latest Album:
  • Release Date:
    March 1, 2019

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