Alternative / Rock


  • From: Los Angeles, CA
  • Related Artists: blink-182, SWMRS, The Regrettes

Liily is Sam, Dylan, Maxx and Charlie - Los Angeles teenagers hailing from deep in the San Fernando Valley to the edges of the Inland Empire. Emerging from a new and burgeoning culture of youths in the city, their wildly frenetic shows point to a new vision for alternative and hard rock music in 2019. With over a million streams on their dynamic songs, Liily’s local shows reflect this crazed manic intensity. Their fans have turned up to dance and absolutely tear the place apart alongside the band. Having started out playing mostly house parties and warehouses, it’s only recently that the band has started entering into nightclubs to bring that same energy.


Liily : I Can Fool Anybody in This Town - EP
  • Latest Album:
    I Can Fool Anybody in This Town - EP
  • Release Date:
    March 8, 2019

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