Molly Payton

Molly Payton

Indie / Indie-Rock / Singer-Songwriter

Molly Payton

  • From: Auckland, New Zealand
  • Related Artists: Beabadoobee, Daffodils, Oscar Lang

London-based New Zealander Molly Payton’s first offering came in the form of her debut EP Mess, which was co-produced with Oscar Lang, a signee to the 1975’s label Dirty Hit. The two met shortly after Molly began at her new UK school, and struck up a friendship after bonding over Beabadoobee’s early releases (which Oscar produced). In Molly’s debut EP Mess - released early 2020 – her voice oozes warmth and depth over acoustic-based production. Lucid lyricism cuts deep, calling out boys who read too much Keroauc and wish they lived in 1972. The tracks could almost be lifted from another era, she counts singer/songwriters like Jeff Buckley, Joni Mitchell and Leonard Cohen as inspiration for the EP. Sophomore EP Porcupine now follows, produced by Oli Barton Wood. The tracks mark a shift towards a fuller, heavier sound and her predilection for 90’s bands like Pavement and Nirvana seeps through these more recent tracks. With her innate writing skills, inimitable voice and impeccable style, we’re picking it won’t be long until Molly’s crazy big herself.


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