Electronic / R&B / Soul


  • From: Heidelberg, Germany
  • Related Artists: Allan Rayman, Sampha, Tame Impala

At the age of 19 years old Noah McBeth, otherwise known as NoMBe, went with his class on a trip from Germany to Las Vegas. Unlike his classmates, NoMBe never got on the return flight back to Germany. Instead he stayed behind in the US to pursue his dream of making a career for himself in music. Throughout 2017, NoMBe released a new single month by month - a tribute to all of the women that might’ve even loved him.

In 2018, NoMBe unveiled the full album They Might've Even Loved Me, a brutally honest account of romance, sex and heartbreak. Reminiscent of a diary, the album was inspired by an array of women who've helped shape his life: from his godmother Chaka Khan, to high school crushes, girlfriends and summer flings.

A blend of rock and electronic influences, his songs have quickly captured the ears of fans and respected curators alike. After choosing a NoMBe song for the theme of his upcoming TV show series, Pharrell remarked, “He makes music for the subconscious with colorful layers and unexpected water slides. He writes and produces dream sequences.”


NoMBe : They Might've Even Loved Me
  • Latest Album:
    They Might've Even Loved Me
  • Release Date:
    March 23, 2018

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