Only Yours

Only Yours

Pop / Rock

Only Yours

  • From: Toronto, Canada
  • Related Artists: The National, Interpol, Arcade Fire

Lead by acclaimed songwriter, Lowell Sostomi, Only Yours’ debut full length is a seasoned, emotionally intelligent album about self-reflection and existing in an overwhelming time.

“The album is an admission of my own faults and flaws as an individual and partner and the effect it's had on others while searching for my own purpose and reason,” says Sostomi.

Sostomi’s signature baritone voice and bitter-sweet emotive lyrics, boldly define the Toronto-based four-piece’s incredible debut release. An album in every sense of the word, Overrun is a collection of ten inter-connected works, boasting consistency and unparalleled song craftsmanship. An indie pop record, amercing the listener in high-energy, driving choruses and epic, emotionally charged ballads.


Only Yours : Overrun
  • Latest Album:
  • Release Date:
    February 1, 2019

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