Petit Biscuit

Petit Biscuit

Dance / Downtempo / Electronic

Petit Biscuit

  • From: Rouen, France
  • Related Artists: Hayden James, Odesza, Flight Facilities

When he was only around six years old, Mehdi Benjelloun, better known as Petit Biscuit, told his mom he wanted to learn the cello. She enrolled him in music school, where he is still enrolled today. After he received his first computer at the young age of 11, Benjelloun began to create his own music. Additionally, he was able to use his new computer to not only discover and be inspired by big artists like Flume, Bon Iver, and Frank Ocean, but also was propelled by the discovery of small artists on SoundCloud to take a chance and upload his own creations. Petit Biscuit is now known for his dreamlike dance music and simplistic, lilting melodies that combine electronic music with real instrumental and chopped vocals.

The 17-year-old producer also learned to play instruments such as the piano and guitar, but loves the liberty of being able to create any sound and texture he wants electronically. At 15 years old, he uploaded “Sunset Lover” to SoundCloud, where it took off. The track now has just over 247 million streams between Spotify and SoundCloud. After the further success of his following singles, Petit Biscuit released his eponymous debut EP in 2016. Leading up to the release of his debut album, Benjelloun dropped several tracks off the record. The highly anticipated album, Presence, was released on Benjelloun's 18th birthday and features other incredible artists like Lido, Bipolar Sunshine, and Cautious Clay.


Petit Biscuit : Presence
  • Latest Album:
  • Release Date:
    November 10, 2017

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