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Phony Ppl

Hip-Hop / R&B

Phony Ppl

  • From: Brooklyn, NY
  • Related Artists: Kaytranada, Thundercat, Goldlink

Liberation is both the modus operandi and main ingredient of the fearless five-man band PHONY PPL. Comprised of the cream of Brooklyn’s young musician crop, each classically trained member if a product of music parents who gifted their children exceptional DNA, exposure to the greats, and, most importantly, wings for exploration and self-discovery. The result is a collective that’s as limitless as its music; one that has received praise from the likes of Tyler Creator and Childish Gambino, performed with Erykah Badu, Fetty Wap and The Roots, and killed festivals (Camp Flog Gnaw), late-night television (Jimmy Kimmel) and their own residency at New York City’s legendary Blue Note.

The warmth of the lyrics are mainly credited to lead vocalist Elbee Three, a former Manhattan School of Music student whose vocals possess a disarming charm and lyrics glowed by advanced perspective and retrospection. Trained composer, Aja Grant provides co-writing, the keys and much of the band’s arrangements. Strings are manned by guitarist Elijah Rawk and Bari Bass, PHONY PPL’s visual artist, and bass player. The crew’s heartbeat is percussionist and former music Conservatory study Mathew Byas.

After first jamming together in the summer of 2008, followed by several years honing their sonic cornucopia, PHONY PPL still don’t have a single sound - to delightful results. Although the BK boys created several now Internet buried independent albums since unified inception, it was their first 300 Entertainment distribution, Yesterday’s Tomorrow that introduced the world to their genre-less flavors. Released in 2015, the audio rainbow hit #6 on the iTunes R&B chart and was placed among the year’s 15 greatest by Rolling Stone.

Following the success of Yesterday’s Tomorrow, the band released mō'zā-ik in October of 2018, a highly anticipated album that has continued to push them into the mainstream.


Phony Ppl : mō'zā-ik
  • Latest Album:
  • Release Date:
    October 19, 2018

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