Downtempo / Indie-Pop / Singer-Songwriter


  • From: Montreal, Canada
  • Related Artists: SOHN, James Blake, Bon Iver

SAENS is a singer-songwriter emerging from the fast-growing Montreal Indie scene, whose music combines soulful vocals to ambient, electronica down-tempo. Prior to becoming a musician, he studied theater and film in New York, NY where he developed his artistic vision and craft.

Strongly inspired by the works of acclaimed filmmakers such as Terrence Malick, David Lynch, Jean-Marc Vallee, and others, SAENS writes all of his songs from a cinematic and visual perspective, creating an enchanting blend of moods and a compelling narrative. Fully independently, he recently released his debut EP Twelve O’Five, showcasing an introspective view into his emotional journey, and longtime battle with mental illness. The album was co-produced by Montreal-based producing duo Max Gendron and Gabriel Gagnon (Geoffroy, Milk & Bone) and SAENS himself.

Tour dates are yet to be announced early 2019.


SAENS : Twelve O' Five
  • Latest Album:
    Twelve O' Five
  • Release Date:
    September 28, 2018

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