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  • From: St. Louis, MO
  • Related Artists: GoldLink, J.I.D, Vince Staples

Chris Smith Jr., better known as Smino, is a rapper and multi instrumentalist from St. Louis, Missouri who later transplanted in Chicago to contribute to the rising music scene there. Most of Smino’s releases are in collaboration with other counterparts of the Zero Fatigue collective, a conglomerate made of Smino, producer Monte Booker, and vocalist Ravyn Lenae. Smino's single, "Blkjptr" caught him considerable attention then paving the way for the young artist's journey throughout music as he would go on to tour with the likes of: Mick Jenkins, SZA, & fellow counterparts, Monte Booker & Ravyn Lenae. Smino’s debut album, Blkswn, released in 2017.

Smino continues to turn heads in 2018, recently releasing his highly anticipated NOIR album. Featuring Ravyn Lenae, Dreezy and Valee, NOIR showcases the rhythm-bending blend of rapping and singing that originally made audiences fall for him. The playful production and heavy use of sampling pushes Smino even further into the hip-hop big leagues. In Jan 2019, Ones To Watch announced a partnership with Zero Fatigue to present Smino’s forthcoming ‘Hoopti’ tour, which will bring both NOIR and the one-of-a-kind rapper’s unique vision to fans across North America.


Smino : NOIR
  • Latest Album:
  • Release Date:
    November 8, 2018

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