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  • From: Derry, Ireland
  • Related Artists: Anna Of The North, Maggie Rogers, girl in red

Northern Ireland native, Bridie Monds-Watson performs under the alias SOAK which is a fusion of soul and folk, her two favorite genres. Although her music has traces of soul and folk, her ever growing repertoire spans genres like indie, alternative, and indie-pop.

At 13-years-old, Mond-Watson began playing the guitar and in the following year, her and her friends formed a band. After the band fizzled out, SOAK began playing shows as a solo act and adopted a new sound inspired by bands like The 1975 and Foals. Her mother drove her to her performances around Derry, her middle class suburb in Northern Ireland. In 2015, SOAK premiered her first full length album Before We Forgot How To Dream, which was the 18-year-old’s defining debut for her solo career. Full of airy guitar strums and soothing percussion, SOAK’s mature lyrics truly shine.

In April 2019, SOAK released Grim Town, which was her most complex and mature album to date. It explores topics like long-distance relationships, depression, divorce, and social anxiety. To pen all of her emotions into her 14 track project, SOAK created a dystopia that mirrored what she was going through. SOAK described her unique songwriting process,

“The way I could wrap my head around a lot of what I was going through was to make it feel like something quite physical and real. Once I had the idea of the album being an actual location, exploring the dynamics of this town and what it would look or sound like felt like the right way to give my mental state a personality.”


SOAK : Grim Town
  • Latest Album:
    Grim Town
  • Release Date:
    April 26, 2019

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