Sophia Messa

Sophia Messa

Indie-Pop / Pop

Sophia Messa

  • From: New York
  • Related Artists: Halsey, Banks, BØRNS

Pop singer-songwriter Sophia Messa is a force to be reckoned with. Sophia is a New York native and a first generation American, born to self-made immigrant parents from Brazil and Russia. Citing her Brazilian relatives and their colorful musical taste as influence, Sophia has always had a flare for the dramatic. Inspired by the world around her, she began writing original music in high school and recorded demos at the studio across the street from her apartment.

Sophia's debut song "moneydontfixlonely" was released in early 2019 via Nylon Magazine, and received critical and commercial acclaim. Her second single "offyourface", released a few months later was co-written by Amy Allen (Halsey "Without Me", Selena Gomez "Back To You").


Sophia Messa : What Am I Gonna Do With You
  • Latest Album:
    What Am I Gonna Do With You
  • Release Date:
    August 14, 2019

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