Teyana Taylor

Teyana Taylor

Hip-Hop / R&B / Soul

Teyana Taylor

  • From: Harlem, NY
  • Related Artists: Ms. Lauryn Hill, Solange, Brandy

Known for her impressive plethora of pursuits within entertainment, Teyana Taylor is an actress, model and choreographer in addition to being an up and coming R&B songstress. Following her 2014 album, VII, 2018 saw Taylor release her latest album K.T.S.E., an 8 track masterpiece produced by Kanye West that has since garnered millions of streams. She later released a remix of her track "Gonna Love Me," with the help of Wu-Tang Clan’s Ghostface Killah, Method Man, and Raekwon.

For an artist with such an array of interests, Taylor's music is incredibly cohesive and thought out. Her playful nature and vocal agility puts her among the biggest players in the R&B genre, and her striking fashion sense reinforces the star quality which oozes from her personality. Singing of sex, relationships, loyalty and ambition, Taylor's voice punches through tracks with white-hot passion, creating breathtaking musical moments and establishing her as one to watch.


Teyana Taylor : K.T.S.E.
  • Latest Album:
  • Release Date:
    June 23, 2018

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