The Blaze

The Blaze

Dance / DJ/Producer / Electronic

The Blaze

  • From: Paris, France
  • Related Artists: James Blake, Rufus Du Sol, Bicep

The Blaze are a French duo, consisting of cousins Guillaume and Jonathan Alric, both music producers and film directors. Their story began with their inaugural track, “Virile,” released in 2016 on Bromance records. The duo then went on to released their debut Territory EP in April 2017, and earlier this year “Heaven,” the first track and music video of their debut album on Animal63.

The Blaze have a very unique way of working: producing the music and visuals at the same time, so they are in tandem when listening and watching. When it comes to music videos, they create this particular link between music and image that gives their work a real singularity, its The Blaze’s essence. It brings you into people’s life and into humanity. And when it comes to music, they play with your emotions. Their work is completely open to interpretation, for everybody, equally. They have one wish, that you are able to feel.

During their short tenure, The Blaze have already won numerous awards for their work including the Grand Prix at Cannes Lions and the Best Directors award at Berlin Music Video Awards, to name but a few.


  • Latest Album:
  • Release Date:
    September 7, 2018

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