Hip-Hop / R&B / Soul


  • From: Toronto, Canada
  • Related Artists: Max Wonders, Duckwrth, Healy

Just after turning nine years old, I had one month to say my last goodbyes to my friends, family, and neighbors in Nigeria before moving to Canada. Those formative years thereafter were filled with despair, isolation, ridicule for my voice and habits coupled with an unhealthy obsession with music. I loved anything that made me move; from Tupac to Michael Jackson to Celine Dion and back again. However, I did not feel safe and always felt like I did not belong. The only place to find peace was in my rhyme books, which I’ve kept to this day. Isolation and brewing issues lead to a bout with depression and anxiety in my teenage years.

Music gave me wings throughout this process and my love for all forms of life blossomed as I completed my undergraduate degree in biology. Now, I’m learning new things and unlearning some old with sights on creating great music.


TOBi : Sweet Poison
  • Latest Album:
    Sweet Poison
  • Release Date:
    February 13, 2019

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