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  • From: West Memphis, AR
  • Related Artists: Adele, Sam Smith, Alabama Shakes

YEBBA is Abbey spelled backwards, and the still somewhat-elusive Abbey Smith is one of the most incredibly talented new vocalists rising on the scene and captivating hearts everywhere. The power and soulfulness behind YEBBA's voice is breathtaking, seeming to emanate from the very depths of her core. An astonishingly emotional live performance at SoFar Sounds NYC of a song called "My Mind" went viral after being uploaded around Christmas of 2016. Casting a spell over the audience and everyone watching online, YEBBA's gritty, impassioned cries and unbelievably controlled vocal runs will leave even the most stoic viewer with chills if not on the verge of tears. Her voice touches people on a beautiful, almost intangible level.

Lauded by Sam Smith as, "the only voice that's excited me in a long time, as a singer... her voice sounds like a heart breaking," YEBBA landed the only duet on his new sophomore album. Also receiving praise from other top UK artists such as Ed Sheeran, dare we say it, the newly unearthed gem that is YEBBA might be an even greater powerhouse than Adele.

Her artist name was chosen to honor her mother who always called her by the nickname as a child, and who recently committed suicide, as Abbey so intimately shared with fans on her Facebook page. If this doesn't give insight into the kind of heart that drives YEBBA to create and share her music, what else could? From just YEBBA's debut single, "Evergreen," and a few collaborations (including Rudimental and Mark Ronson), we cannot wait to see what is in store for this amazing woman once the world discovers the gift she truly is.


YEBBA : Don't Leave Me Lonely (Single)
  • Latest Album:
    Don't Leave Me Lonely (Single)
  • Release Date:
    May 17, 2019

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