10 Addictive Instagram Profiles

In need of some Monday inspiration? Look no further than the tips of your fingers. We’ve collected some of our favorite Instagram accounts featuring artists using the craziest range of mediums. Dig in below! 

10. Richelle Gribble (@richellegribble)

Uncanny patterns and natural shades saturate Richelle Gribble's Instagram where, as she notes, the addition of art into science yields wonder. Whether it is the natural blueprint of sediments or neon colors from a festival, Gribble gives a distinct angle or close up into our surroundings.

9. Adam Fay (@afay814)

Los Angeles-based cartoonist, Adam Fay, nudges us to reminisce our childhood characters and new ones harvested directly from his imagination. His works contain a blend of rejuvenating and mature ingredients that give us comic breaks. Enjoy his food pics while you are at it.

8. Dean West (@deanwest)

Dean West's photography blurs reality with its faux surrealism. At a first glance, you think it's a surreal scene, but further examination shows that what he captured with his lenses are not really out of this world. Delve into the smudged reality seen through this New York photographer's lenses.

7. Olek (@oleknyc)

Yarning telephones and mermaid tails, Olek's artwork are rainbow-boosting fresh fabrics that are purely made of yarns. Literally. You'll see dull objects transformed into fuzzy knits that give you a glimpse of the soft, cushioned world in her mind.

6. Yoko Ono (@yokoonoofficial)

With her signature hat, Yoko Ono jumps from film noir room to springtime in New York City. You won't find a picture of her latest nail polish or her lunch in here. Her Instagram seems rather a personal project compiling her travails with the classy fedora.

5. Brian Oldham (@brianoldham)

A man within a tree bark and a woman sitting in front of a burning piano meets the norm of Brian Oldham's Instagram. Filled with photographs - yep, not paintings - that look straight out of fairy tales, Oldham's images are built on gothic visions.

4. Brandi Hofer (@brandihofer)

Canadian painter Brandi Hofer takes pop art into an abstract dimension. Pop icons and models alike get an acrylic wash out in her works where she certainly let us know that all the colors in the palette were used.

3. Daniel Arsham (@daniel_arsham)

Even if he does not use black and white format, Daniel Arsham mostly frames scenarios that stay within those opposing color ranges. His pictures put urban life into a film noir setting where simple colors create intricate representations.

2. Jen Stark (@jenstark)

Jen Stark's kaleidoscopic prints bring back our crayon mania, prodding us to wallow in a psychedelic orbit. Her works seem like she's just gone to war with a centrifuge, not giving mercy to any color from her adroitness.

1. Andrew Kuo (@earlboykins)

Andrew Kuo wears the Instagram crown for being the best collector of cats and dogs pics. The priceless compilation of humorous mascots ranging from Grumpy Cat to shocked pug makes his Instagram a light-hearted gallery for online procrastination.