10 Electro-Pop Songs For Summer Rooftop Parties

10. Porter Robinson - Lionhearted (feat. Urban Cone)

What happens when American electro buzz bridges with Swedish indie pop?  We get a feral, wild-eyed, blasting jam that gets us in a fist-pumping ambience. American DJ Porter Robinson has paired with the Swedish electro-pop band, Urban Cone, for the single "Lionhearted." Released on June 3rd, it is a masterful soundclash whose fierce verse complements the splashy tune beats.  

9. Roosevelt - Montreal 

Frazzled Euro-disco gets embedded in a chillwave atmosphere - that's what German artist and producer Marius Lauber, known as Roosevelt, achieves in The Elliot. "Montreal" conjures a New-Order-vibe, but is emblazoned with a forlorn sense that Lauber transmits through his howling voice. You can choose to celebrate or contemplate with Lauber.

8. Work Drugs - Time

Stacked with multifaceted synths, "Time" is a blissful dive into the dense sea of discordant rhythms that manage to produce euphoniously mismatching beats. This kooky pop is one of the 10 tracks from Work Drugs' latest album, Insurgents, which was released on March 4th of this year. 

7. Van She - Idea of Happiness

Sydney-based band, Van She, is one trio who will take the party to a quirky trajectory with their latest album Idea of Happiness. Their first track, "Idea of Happiness," is a giant oddball in the electro-pop territory. Its pulsating layers of synths and bass decorated with sidereal lyrics makes one wonder if this is for dancing or meditating - a little mystery in the playlist is always exquisite.

6. Tilian Pearson - Future Friends

Not many male artists can get away with high-pitched voice, but Tilian is one of those rare ones who can. His latest single "Future Friends" - debuted on April 22nd - has an outer space buzz where the heavily processed melody makes his shrill intonation actually sound like from another dimension. 

5. Seoul - White Morning

Hushed chants and fluctuating percussions create a blues-ambience in Seoul's "White Morning." Originally from Montreal, Seoul presents a deliberately, constructed mid-tempo comforter that adjourns us to serenity. Premiered on April 28th, "White Morning" gives the much-needed chillaxing aura in the evenings. 

4. Years & Years - Real

The twist of soul in electro-pop with echoing choruses create fizzy dynamics in Years & Years' "Real." The London trio band released its two-track EP, Real, on February 17 of this year. Its dancefloor-suitable tune and expressive words opens up to a spry territory to loosen up.

3. Darius - Hot Hands 

Always trust the French DJs for well-crafted romance-filled songs. This universal truth applies to Darius, who recently released his EP, Romance, on February 24th. "Hot Hands" is a gently paced track containing the sensuous hiss of a female voice that resembles the rustling of grass in summer breeze. 

2. Panama Wedding - All of the People

Maybe it's the xylophone or the smooth voice, but whatever the key ingredient is, Panama's Wedding "All of the People" makes us want to cavort around the swimming pool. This relaxed dance-pop is the first track of their album, Parallel Play, released on June 2nd of this year. 

1. Great Good Fine OK - Not Going Home

Brooklyn-based duo, Great Good Fine OK submerges us into an undulating wave of synthpop where the soft-speaking, sharp vocals nudge us to dance in "Not Going Home." Released on March 4th, it is the band's latest single. 

By: Sun Jung