10 Indie Songs to Beat Rush Hour

10. Fickle Friends - PLAY 

Hop into the auditory time machine and go back to 80's new-wave pop with Fickle Friends' "PLAY." The Brighton-based band takes you on a heartfelt trek of scatty cadence supplied with the suave vocals of Natassja Shiner. Aired on March 31st, "PLAY" is the jumpy, twisted tune you need to overcome restlessness. Keep up with their latest tour dates on their Facebook page.

9. A Sunny Day In Glasgow - Bye Bye Big Ocean (The End)

A chaotically crafted arpeggiation, "Bye Bye Big Ocean (The End)" is a dive into the ocean of electronic synths that leaves us suspended in a state of bewilderment where we try to adjust, but not completely. Premiered on May 28th, the ballad is constructed with mismatching rhythms that, surprisingly, come together like a pro. The US-Australian band's new album, Sea When Absent, was released on June 24th. Look forward for their concert dates in here.

8. American Authors - Believer

For a long-lasting bout of traffic, the long-awaited track "Believer" by American Authors dwindles the annoyance. The alternative Brooklyn band recently premiered their new music video "Believer" on June 16th from their latest album, Oh, What a Life. In "Believer," a banjo accompanies Zachary Barnett's lively high pitch, inevitably spiking up a playful dynamic. Take a peak at their Facebook for tour dates. 

7. COIN - It's Okay

Nashville quartet, COIN, is a freshly out of college band that stands in indie scene's hottest spotlight with their single "It's Okay." Debuted on March 3rd, "It's Okay" beams an electro-buzz glam coated with the tender vocals of Chase Lawrence that invokes a road trip mood. Currently working on completing their album, you can look at their tour dates on their Facebook.

6. SPEAK - Gates 

Enter the hypnotic territory that SPEAK builds in their single "Gates," which was aired on May 27th.  The pulsating architecture of this song leaves you feeling scattered between moments, injecting you with a jolt of giddiness. Originally from Austin, SPEAK has released their 14-track album, Pedals, on June 23rd. For tour dates, go to their Facebook page. 

5. Jessie Ware - Tough Love 

Hitting high tones, Jessie Ware's newest single "Tough Love" takes a faux-acoustic turn that engorges us in a sheer mid-tempo. Ware's euphonious vocals pierce into our eardrums, cutting off other outside noise with her angelic and sharp voice. Premiered on June 16th, "Tough Love" is the London singer's most recent project. Fans and newbs, you can follow her updates and concerts here.

4. Kid Astray - Taking You with Me

Shoulder-dance to Kid Astray's "Taking You with Me," a highly catchy and densely synth-packed upbeat melody exuding The-Naked-and-Famous vibe. This Norwegian band has received much attention ever since releasing their single on June 16th. Currently recording their debut album, you can follow their steps on Facebook.

3. Spoon - Rent I Pay

"Rent I Pay," premiered worldwide on June 10th as an appetizer for Spoon’s new album They Want My Soul. The linear pounds of percussion following the commanding voice of Britt Daniels direct you straight into a foot-stomping mood. Stay tuned for their new tour dates on Facebook.

2. The New Pornographers - Brill Bruisers

Chant to The New Pornographers' single "Brill Bruisers," which aired on June 10th as a preface to their latest album, Brill Bruisers, out on August 26th. With a grappling vigor, "Brill Bruisers" swaps you into a whooshing chorus where the storming drums and bass uplifts you with zeal. Sign up for their newsfeed on Facebook

1. In The Valley Below - Hymnal 

The self-described "sex wave" genre band, In The Valley Below, radiates a dark energy spectrum in their latest music video, "Hymnal." The Los Angelano band released their first LP, The Belt, on August 26th. In a sensual tone, the male-female duet echoes their words in the wave-y, gothic track "Hymnal." It is hypothermic in sonic level, flooding our ears with excruciating freshness. Stay attuned for their tour dates on Facebook.

By: Sun Jung