10 Ones to Catch at Life Is Beautiful Festival


Hosted in the heart of Downtown Las Vegas, the Life Is Beautiful festival celebrates unity and creativity through music, art, and food. It attracts more than 130,000 fans and has come to represent a life-changing movement rooted in positivity. Some of the headliners may include Lorde, Chance the Rapper, and Muse, but there are plenty of emerging artists you shouldn't miss over the weekend–our top picks are below.


THEY. (6:50pm-7:30pm, Huntridge Stage)


Start the weekend off strong with R&B/hip-hop duo THEY. Consisting of Dante Jones and Drew Love, THEY. signed to Mind of a Genius (Gallant, ZHU) and released their debut EP in 2015, Nü Religion. The project received highly favorable reviews. Following the immense success of, "Working For It," a collaboration single between THEY., ZHU, and Skrillex, the duo earned a spot opening for Bryson Tiller's Trapsoul Tour and recently released their first full-length album, Nü Religion: Hyena. THEY. aims to leave a cultural mark by pushing the boundaries between hip-hop, R&B, pop, and rock, and their unique sound is something we highly recommend you experience first-hand.


COIN (3:00pm-3:45pm, Downtown Stage)


We're so excited for indie pop/rock band COIN's 2018 North American Tour, presented by us here at Ones to Watch. Fortunately, if you can't wait for their tour (which begins in February), you can catch them at Life Is Beautiful. Formed by Belmont University students Chase Lawrence, Ryan Winnen, Joe Memmel, and Zach Dyke, COIN has an upbeat, fun sound that is both modern and timeless. The group garnered large success in 2016 with the lead single, "Talk Too Much," from their second studio album released in 2017, How Will You Know if You Never Try. "Talk Too Much" was their first song to chart on Billboard’s Alternative Songs chart and has been streamed nearly 26 million times on Spotify. The feel-good song has a The 1975-esque sound that will have you talking less and dancing more this weekend.

Ella Vos (3:30pm-4:15pm, Ambassador Stage)


Named as one of Rolling Stones' "10 New Artists You Need to Know," the electro-pop singer will have you captivated at the first note. The singer's first single, "White Noise," captured the attention of many for not only Vos' dreamy vocals, but also her poignant lyrics about her experience as a young mother. Vos' rebellious attitude towards societal norms carry through her more recent tracks like "You Don't Know About Me," targeting our deepest emotions. She voices thoughts that we often don't want to in a beautiful yet piercing way, and her artistry is the perfect contribution to what the Life Is Beautiful festival stands for. Get a taste of her performance in our All Eyes On Ella Vos video here.

Whethan (4:35pm-5:35pm, Fremont Stage)


We've had our eye on the young Ethan Snoreck, aka Whethan, as his music has taken the electronic scene on SoundCloud by storm. The 18 year-old producer gained traction with his remixes of popular songs including Mssingno's "XE3," ZAYN's "Pillowtalk," and most recently, Lorde's "Perfect Places." It was only a matter of time before he caught the attention of Skrillex and joined The Chainsmokers' on tour. While much of his success lies with his remixes, Snoreck's original music is just as impactful. His recent collaboration with Elohim, "Sleepy Eyes," has been one of our summer favorites, and clearly others feel the same as the song has nearly five million streams on Spotify.

SIGRID (5:10pm-5:50pm, Huntridge Stage)


The 21-year old electro-pop singer has a distinct, gritty vocal quality with an intensity equal to Alessia Cara or Sia. After signing with Island Records, SIGRID was thrust into the spotlight with her wildly successful debut single, "Don't Kill My Vibe." Both the powerful lyrics and production behind the single demonstrate the singer's incomparable confidence and energy. While she may come from a small town in Norway, her larger-than-life voice is sure to garner her international acclaim.


SG Lewis (3:00pm-3:45pm, Ambassador Stage)


Hailing from Liverpool, producer SG Lewis's chill, moody tracks put us in just the right feels. His remix of Jessie Ware's "You & I (Forever)" attracted the attention of Ware and Disclosure's label, PMR Records, who then signed him. "No Less" off of his debut EP, Shiver, is the embodiment of the producer's sound with a crooning electric guitar, deep kicks, and the emotive vocals of Louis Mattrs. It is one of his most notable tracks, and his most recent singles, "Smart Aleck Kill" featuring Col3trane and "Times We Had" featuring Toulouse have both been on our #NowWatching Playlists. We highly recommend that you add him to your list of artists to catch at Life Is Beautiful.

PVRIS (3:30pm-4:10pm, Downtown Stage)


The term "electro" is often followed  by "pop" these days, but PVRIS changes the game with an electro-rock feel. Comprised of Lynn Gunn, Alex Babinski, and Brian MacDonald, the band gained acclaim with the release of White Noise. The album deals heavily with themes of depression, alienation, and oppression from Gunn's experience with sexuality, and their more recent album, All We Know of Heaven, All We Need of Hell, further these concepts and explores even darker areas. With the momentum of their growing success, the eclectic trio is wrapping up their tour supporting Muse with Thirty Seconds to Mars. The group's hardcore sonic couples perfectly with the themes they explore, but their otherworldly and powerful sound stirs something primal within us that fits seamlessly in a festival celebrating life and culture.

FRENSHIP (4:00pm-4:30pm, Music Den & 5:15pm-5:55pm, Huntridge Stage)


Photo: Tom, Winston House

The best of friendships are sometimes born in the least likely of places. Indie pop duo James Sunderland and Brett Hit met working at Lululemon and became fans of each other's music. After gaining preliminary recognition online, their 2016 single "Capsize" gained viral success on Spotify before hitting charts all over the world. Their follow up single, "1000 Nights," has achieved similar success with over 21 million streams on Spotify. The song's sentimental, nostalgic vibes are infectious, and life is definitely beautiful when we're listening to FRENSHIP.

Middle Kids (4:15pm-5:00pm, Ambassador Stage)


Photo: Maclay Heriot

Another artist featured by Rolling Stones, Australian band Middle Kids masterfully combine the bare emotion behind indie rock with the skill of highly trained musicians. Trio Hannah Joy, Tim Fitz, and Harry Day have studied music to a professional degree most musicians have not, but the creativity and depth behind their music should not be overlooked. Their debut single, "Edge of Town," clearly demonstrates the band's confidence and individuality with a fusion of the rawness of indie rock, blissfulness of pop, and even slight twang of alt-country. The success of the single, featured Elton John's Beats 1 radio, was followed by a Middle Kids EP and a place supporting Coldplay on tour.

TroyBoi (9:00pm-10:00pm, Fremont Stage)


Hailing from London, producer TroyBoi has changed the soundscape of the electronic music scene. With over 400,000 followers on SoundCloud, TroyBoi recently released his first full-length album, Left Is Right, and is currently in the middle of touring. He's worked with heavy hitters like Diplo and Flosstradamus, but his music truly speaks for itself with an ethereal sonic juxtaposed with heart-racing drops and sharp hi-hat rolls. Tracks like "O.G" and "Afterhours" as well as his iconic "T-R-O-Y-B-O-I" stamp established TroyBoi as a unique producer in the music scene with a specific sound that words don't do justice. The real estate agent turned producer inspires us to pursue our passions and demonstrates how hard work and individuality can take you anywhere. We started with this list with a banger, but TroyBoi is an artist on another level to close out the weekend with.

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