10 Songs We Can't Stop Listening To

Totally honest reflection of our top-played songs on Spotify/Soundcloud right about now.

Iggy and Ariana - “Problem”

What do you get when you combine Mariah Carey’s protégée, the guy who created mega pop hits like “Baby One More Time,” and a fancy rapper like Ones To Watch, Iggy Azalea? Your new favorite top down, windows rolled, shouting into the summer wind jam. 

Cherub - “Disco Shit”

By the time “Doses and Mimosas” hit the nation’s airwaves this spring, Ones To Watch electro-poppers Cherub were well into putting the finishing touches on their new album, Year of the Caprese, out next month. Our favorite sampler off this new new has been “Disco Shit” - a funky pop gem that’s a sure way to start off any dance party. Get on our level. 

ASTR - “Blue Hawaii”

Because “Fresh meat in my new condo” is the best lyric we’ve heard in a loooong while. Also, this NYC singer/producer duo is about to take over the world with this cool R&B-noir thing they’ve got going on. 

Arcade Fire - “Get Right”

Let’s be honest, Reflektor was pretty flawless as far as Arcade Fire albums go. The band purportedly recorded over 75 demos or something for the record, and we trust their judgment in having chosen the best of those takes for their album. Recently though, the band’s been playing an outtake, “Get Right,” at shows - and it’s totally worth hearing. Granted, the song is floating around in the form of bootlegger footage. but that doesn’t stop Arcade Fire’s breathtaking quality from shining through. 

Eric Hutchinson - “Love Like You” 

Ones To Watch crooner Eric Hutchinson has a new album, Pure Fiction, filled to the brim with feel-good ballads and upbeat finger snappers. Our favorite? “Love Like You,” which we’re partial to because it’s just the song to coax the hopeless romantic in everyone out of hiding. And we all need that sometimes. 

Twin Shadow - “To The Top”

Master of guitar pop Twin Shadow created an untouchable power pop ballad in “To The Top” featuring a beautiful Michael Bolton sound-alike and that could easily have dominated the airwaves circa 1991. We will continue singing its praises accordingly. 

SZA ft. Isaiah Rashad - “Warm Winds”

Because they shout out Pepper Ann and tramp stamps and this song is a very honest collection of beautiful moments in someone’s adolescence. 

N.A.S.A. ft. Karen O - “I Shot The Sheriff” (Bob Marley cover)

Sam Spiegel, aka N.A.S.A. and Karen O’s dance-y take on Bob Marley’s balmy, political swooner “I Shot The Sheriff” deserves to be brought back out in light of the impending summer. 

Lana Del Rey - “West Coast” 

Lana Del Rey’s muse has apparently returned to her. Or is it Dan Auerbach? Given the fact that she wrote a song for Jay-Z and Baz Luhrmann last year that got nominated for an Oscar, it’s not clear whether said muse ever left. In any case, her latest single “West Coast,” off her upcoming record, shows Lana ditching the polished glam of “Young and Beautiful” and turning back to her grittier, teeth-baring, lash-batting, dusky side, once upon a time known as Lizzy Grant.

Iggy Azalea ft. Charli XCX - “Fancy”

Oh, are you sick of hearing it yet? We don’t blame you - it’s a nearly perfect concoction of cheeky, over-the-top, zero f*cks given, swagged-out fun. We’ll check back in on this in about 3 months time, cool?