11 Saxy Songs To Keep You Warm This Winter


It's about that time when the weather starts to get extra chilly…yes, even by L.A. standards. As we attempt to stay warm in less than desirable conditions, it's in the spaces where layering and heaters fail that music truly thrives. 

Thus, we've gathered 11 songs, both new and old, that have the ability to spark a fire in our bodies and souls. The secret ingredient? Saxophone. Since its inception, the saxophone has been widely regarded as a particularly seductive instrument–maybe it’s the soothing sound or the alluring silhouette it forms in the darkness, or maybe it's just the fact that dropping the "saxy" pun is incredibly self-satisfying. Whatever it is, we hope the 10 saxy songs below keep you cozy this winter.

Klingande - "Jubel"

Thomas Jack feat. Adrian Symes - "The Final Speech" 

Tom Misch & Laura Misch - “Follow”

Masego feat. Xavier Omar - "Wifeable"

Marian Hill - “I Want You”

Tep No - “Please Me”

Air - “Playground Love”

Shy Girls - “Under Attack”

And now it's time for the classic hour…

Sade - "Smooth Operator"

George Michaels - "Careless Whisper"

Gerry Rafferty - "Baker Street"