"16 Years” Set to Open The Griswolds’ Debut Album


A band born from 80s rock synth, The Griswolds' latest song, "16 Years," serves as a catalyst of anticipation for their debut album, Be Impressive. Riding the white-tipped wave of Australian musicians, the harmlessly rambunctious indie outfit are the latest band to make a break from the Outback and into the embracing arms of American rock fans. "16 Years" infatuates the ears with a hearty 80s atmosphere; deep synths, electro piano riffs, and steady rock ‘n roll drumming. Lyrically, the verses seamlessly fit into the instrumental of the song, enticing feelings of nostalgia and summer lust. The track will serve as the introduction to the album, and in our opinion, it's definitely the right choice. Listen below and grab a free download!